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The Water Protection Network works to ensure that our members have the tools they need to successfully advocate for sustainable solutions to America’s 21st century water challenges and for protecting our nation’s waters from destructive water projects. By joining the Network you will receive:

  • Access to an extensive network of experienced advocates. The Network connects and engages member groups through conference calls, webinars, an up-to-date and resource intensive website, an active listserv, and in person meetings and conferences.  Network members lead the way on the nation’s water resources policies.
  • Technical assistance and resources to support your efforts. The Network provides technical and policy assistance and provides a set of “eyes and ears in DC” by tracking developments in national water policy, federal legislation and appropriations, and federal water projects and permits.
  • A voice in the Network’s future. Network members are strongly encouraged to participate in Network campaigns, committees, planning processes, and decision making. The Network strives to ensure inclusiveness in all Network decisions and transparency in all Network operations.

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Membership gives you access to an extensive network of experienced advocates, technical support, and opportunities to participate in federal policy decision-making that will strengthen your organization and produce effective results.

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