About Us

The Water Protection Network works to protect wildlife, communities, and taxpayers.
About Us

Creating a new era of stewardship for our rivers, wetlands, and coasts through collaborative advocacy across the country.

About Us

Protecting the nation’s waters for people and wildlife.

About Us

Restoring healthy ecosystems so people and wildlife can thrive in the face of climate change.

Statement of Principles and Operating Procedures

The Network advocates for changes to America’s water resources policies and practices. The Network seeks to assist and support member organizations in understanding and dealing with water resources policies, projects, and permits. The Network provides technical support and timely information to assist members in participating in federal, state and local policy decision-making.


Melissa Samet, Co-Chair
National Wildlife Federation
San Anselmo, CA

Eileen Shader, Co-Chair
American Rivers
Washington, DC

Chris Dalbom
Tulane Institute on Water Resources
Law and Policy
New Orleans, LA

Olivia Dorothy
American Rivers
Rock Island, IL

Steve Ellis
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Washington, DC

Manley Fuller, III
Florida Wildlife Federation
Tallahassee, FL

Kim Knowles
Prairie Rivers Network
Champaign, IL

Rob Moore
Natural Resources Defense Council
Chicago, IL

Dan Tonsmeire
Apalachicola Riverkeeper
Apalachicola, FL

Maya van Rossum
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Bristol, PA